Baluard Barceloneta

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El proceso

100% natural flour

Our ingredients

Wheat flour is the main ingredient in Baluard bread, along with rye and spelt flour. All 100% natural.

We also use organic flour, organically grown seeds and grains, and stone-ground flour to make our bread.

Plus, the best butter and ingredients for our savoury and sweet creations.

We always say bread it affected by many factors: how long the dough rests, the ingredients we use, the yeast, hand shaping and finally baking.

All of these factors make their mark on the flavour and texture of the bread. This is why it is so important to choose the right flour.

The dough and the yeast

All of our dough is hand-made daily.

We make a lot of our bread with a yeast starter. This age-old technique adds to the flavour, texture and sensory experience of the bread. We also make bread without the yeast starter, but with longer processes to awaken the flavours in the bread.

All of our dough is made individually and baked individually in our wood-fired oven. The oven bakes bread all day to make sure our bread is fresh.