Baluard Barceloneta

New opening hours from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sundays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Our story

Since 1892

Cuarta generación de panaderos


In 1892, my great-grandfather Pere Bellsolà, originally from Aiguaviva (Girona), founded Bellsolà bakery in Plaça del Gra in Girona, working with his own harvest of wheat.


In 1940, my grandfather Robert inherited the bakery and, with my grandmother Pilar, expanded the business and consolidated Can Bellsolà as one of the benchmark bakeries in Girona.


In the 1960s, my father Pere and my mother Mercè transformed this artisan business into the company Bellsolà SA, which was a pioneer in Spain, and later the world, of pre-cooked, frozen bread.


In 2003, my parents sold their business, except for the original bread oven that dates back to 1892, in a return to their roots. This ancestral bakery was passed down to my sister-in-law Mireia Oliveras and my brother Robert, who together founded Antiga Casa Bellsolà, an artisan bakery in Girona and a return to the essence of bread.

I also decided to go back to my roots and continue working in a world that I love. After finishing my degree in Business Communication and, later, in Engineering for Industrial Design and Product Development, I decided to study further in schools and bakeries in France and Italy.


Finally, in 2007 I opened the doors of Baluard, located at Carrer Baluard 38 in the fishermen's neighbourhood of the Barceloneta. I set off on the adventure I had been dreaming about for so long. We designed all the bread we wanted to make, built our first wood-fired oven, 2.75-m in diameter, searched for the best flour to give the bread character, created our first yeast starters and, very excitedly, began to sell the first loafs of bread baked at Baluard.

Since then, 10 years have passed and many loafs of bread have been baked in our wood-fired oven. Along the way, the process has been very satisfying, watching the team grow and gaining recognition. And, best of all, seeing how our customers come back day after day.


Named Professional of the year by the Academia Catalana de Gastronomía in 2010


Recognised with the Young bread-making businessperson award by the Gremio de panaderos in 2011


Awarded the prize for Innovation by FIDEM (International Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs) in 2012.


In 2013, Praktik hotels invited us to open a bakery inside one of their hotels and this is how the second Baluard bakery came about, located at C/ Provença 279 in Barcelona.

The bakery is inside the hotel Praktik Bakery, a bread-themed hotel. It is the first hotel-bakery in the world. We also built the wood-fired oven where we bake our bread every day.


In 2015, we opened a small bakery inside the restaurant Santa Clara , in the neighbourhood of Pedralbes, and send our bread out to different spots all over the Catalan capital, including the Gourmet section of El Corte Inglés.


Nearly a year ago we decided to set up an exclusive bakehouse to make the bread that goes beyond our shops, that sold in so many culinary spaces around the city of Barcelona. Our new bakehouse opened this May. A new wood-fired oven, the third! so, so, happy

Today Baluard has a great team of people who share a passion for this profession.

Baluard has always wanted to make good bread, bread that seduces and makes our customers happy.